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Holopresence ™

The world is constantly changing.
Welcome change with us.

With HoloPresence ™ you can be wherever you want in hologram, achieving goals with greater impact: life size and in real time.

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HoloPresence ™ allows you to be there without getting on a plane, without suffering from jet lag and without having to be away from family, friends and work for countless unproductive hours.


HoloPresence ™ allows you to remotely appear in one or more locations simultaneously, whether in person or remotely.

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Be remembered by your audience.

Presenting with HoloPresence ™ is incredibly memorable and impactful because you look realistic and speak in real time as if you were there live in person, except that you are a hologram.


Studies show that a hologram presenter can attract audience attention much better. HoloPresence ™ can offer a much greater impact as it makes you appear full-length, allowing you to use all of your body language like someone introducing you in person.


For presentations that matter most, quality is essential. When a presenter can't be there in person and a webcam just isn't right, a hologram is the most impressive way to deliver value and show how important your audience really is.


Take your presentation to the next level. Deliver impact and ingenuity by leveraging HoloPresence ™ technology to incorporate dynamic 3D holographic visuals into your presentation. The possibilities are endless.

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Life is full of commitments.
Don't add unnecessary trips.

Deliver to your audience like a hologram, saving countless travel hours that can be used to spend time with friends and family.



The world of travel has changed. Avoid long formations, endless delays and having to put your computer on your lap as you sit down on yet another long flight. Visit more places with less travel and do more with HoloPresence ™.


Whether it's being more productive at work, spending more time with family and friends, or pursuing your passions, improve your work-life balance by reducing unnecessary air travel.

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It's a sustainable solution that helps you do your part.

By avoiding unnecessary air travel, ground transportation and hotel stays associated with business travel, you are doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and make our planet a little greener and more sustainable.


Business air travel can be essential, but it is the least efficient way, per kilometer, to travel. A transatlantic flight emits the same amount of carbon as heating a home for a year. So avoid unnecessary travel, when you can be there as a hologram.


Each time you are screened with a hologram you reinforce that your business is responsible and concerned about the environment, showing that it is doing its part to reduce global emissions.


It shows that your organization is concerned about ESG and not just the environmental impact of distance travel, but also the overall impact on employee health, family life and social balance.

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