Discover the world of 3D holograms.

The language of the future is here.

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Our technology changes the paradigms of communication.

Corporate meetings

Design  and installation of fixed devices at your company to bring the communication experience to a higher level.


Design and development of customised content to improve the customer experience.


Creation of holographic installations for all your needs and events.


Remote implementation of training processes in an interactive and participative way for your company.

Astonishing digital signs!

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Change the world.

Change the way you communicate.

Find out how our holographic technology works and how it can fit your business.

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Trivially innovative. Remarkably simple.

Why use 3D holograms?


compared to



Of the audiences show exultation with a greater chance of them remembering the brand.


Greater chance of a holographic message being  noticed.

+ 40%

Of viewing time and engagement.

compared to

ADS printed

+ 19%

Brand perception.


Greater chance of a holographic message being noticed.

+ 60%

Of viewing time and engagement.

Discover 3D advertising technology.

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Holopresence ™

The world is constantly changing.
Welcome change with us.

With HoloPresence ™ you can be wherever you want in hologram, achieving goals with greater impact: life size and in real time.

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It's a sustainable solution that helps you do your part.

By avoiding unnecessary air travel, ground transportation and hotel stays associated with business travel, you are doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and make our planet a little greener and more sustainable.

Are you ready to elevate the communication experience of your business?

We offer multiple solutions, which can best adapt to your business.

Tell us what you do and we will propose the best option for your profession.